Hack a self-driving bus? Hack sensors? Hack cameras? Hack traffic lightsor LoRaWAN sensors? We invite you to this hackathon about Smart Cities and Cyber security. The hackathon will have both English and Danish speaking teams. Self-driven busses will soon drive around in Albertslund, Gladsaxe and... Læs mere
Typical attacks on critical infrastructures: How hackers can abuse Internet of Things, and how attacks can be prevented and detected. Recently, methods from fault detection originated in control theory found its application in detection of cyber-attacks. In the second part of the lecture we will... Læs mere
eScience “eScience is a research method that involves the collection, processing and utilization of scientific information in the form of data. Increasingly efficient methods of collecting, generating, digitalizing and subsequently storing data are opening up completely new opportunities for... Læs mere
eScience ”eScience er en forskningsmetode, der indebærer indsamling, behandling og anvendelse af videnskabelig information i dataform. Stadig bedre metoder til at indsamle, generere og digitalisere og efterfølgende opbevare data, åbner helt nye muligheder for forskning indenfor alle fagområder.... Læs mere
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