NeIC Dellingr project As a researcher in the Nordic countries, you can now apply for access on one of the Nordic supercomputers. NeIC Dellingr project provides supercomputing available to researchers in the Nordic countries. The participating Nordic countries have each contributed HPC resources to... Læs mere
Research always gives us new technologies, but technology also changes the way we research. The explosion of digital data and the development of powerful supercomputers to analyze them opens the doors to new research areas, discoveries and acknowledgments in both natural sciences, social sciences... Læs mere
De store data mængder der genereres fra Cryo-EM sendes direkte gennem et høj hastigheds optisk fiber til DeiC supercomputeren COMPUTEROME på DTU i Risø. CryoEM bruges til at visualisere molekylære strukturer for at forstå hvordan de fungerer. CryoEM detektoren producerer høj-opløselig billede... Læs mere
The huge amounts of data generated by the Cryo-EM is send directly trough a high speed optical fiber to The National Life Science Supercomputer (COMPUTEROME) at DTU Risø. CryoEM is about visualization of molecules in order to understand how they work. The cryoEM detector produces high resolution... Læs mere
Read the report from the SC17 visit, where seven people from Danish universities attended in Denver, Colorado in USA, and the latest news from the supercomputer world was presented. The report touch upon areas such as processors, graphical accelerators, Flash technologies, servers, storage, data... Læs mere
*/ Abacus 2.0 Computerome Kulturarvsclusteret (KAC)               Video og præsentationer DeiC eScience Kompetence Center har i samarbejde med tovholderne for de tre nationale HPC-anlæg afholdt nationale supercomputing dage. Under "program og materialer" findes eksempler på anvendelse af... Læs mere
*/ DeiC National HPC Center at SDU (Abacus) DeiC national Life Science supercomputer at DTU (Computerome) DeiC National Cultural Heritage Cluster at KB (KAC)                 Abbreviations: SDU, Southern University of Denmark; DTU, Technical University of Denmark; KB, State and University... Læs mere
DeiC (Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation) has in cooperation with Danish Universities and the Royal Danish Library established three national supercomputer systems (HPC - High Performance Computing), which all Danish researchers, as well as companies, have access to: DeiC Nationale HPC Center, SDU... Læs mere
PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) have a web site entitled "Outreach to Universities". The objective is to increase knowledge about HPC (High Performance Computing) to students and researchers at universities. These activities are especially designed to encourage advanced HPC,... Læs mere
Researchers at Danish universities can draw on supercomputers in the other Nordic countries and in the EU for free. It happens through the Dellingr project from NeIC (Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration) and through PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), respectively. These HPC... Læs mere


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