eScience opens new doors for archaeology

Archaeology is one of the humanist disciplines that makes the most use of eScience or, as it is known in the field of humanities: Digital humanities.

COMPUTEROME is now running all the analysis from the new CryoEM microscopy facility at KU. The huge amounts of data generated by the Cryo-EM is send directly trough a high speed optical fiber to The National Life Science Supercomputer (COMPUTEROME) at DTU Risø. CryoEM is about visualization of...
The latest news from the supercomputer world (SC17) Read the report from the SC17 visit, where seven people from Danish universities attended in Denver, Colorado in USA, and the latest news from the supercomputer world was presented. The report touch upon areas such as processors, graphical...
Research Results from the National Supercomputers This overview is a first version of mapping scientific publications in Denmark that included computational resources from a DeiC national HPC facility (Computerome, ABACUS 2.0 og Kulturarvsclusteret). Figur 1 shows the %-distribution of scientific...


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