Digital Humanities Lab Denmark (DIGHUMLAB) is a national research infrastructure that develops, integrates and promotes digital resources, networks, tools and opportunities for Danish researchers in the fields of the humanities and social sciences, as well as in Europe and at international level.

The objective of DIGHUMLAB is to develop facilities that support the humanities and research in the social sciences, with associated development of databases and metadata structures. Moreover, DIGHUMLAB provides a resource-intensive web portal that links Danish researchers with digital opportunities in the field of the digital humanities. DIGHUMLAB also aims to influence and draw benefit from European and other international collaboration on the development of relevant digital standards, methods, tools and services, as well as the adaptation of digital resources to the benefit of Danish researchers active in the field of the humanities.

DIGHUMLAB consists of a national consortium comprising Aalborg University (AAU), Aarhus University (AU), the University of Copenhagen (KU), the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), the State and University Library (SB) and the Royal Library (KB). The partnership promotes access to digital resources, the development of research tools and study programmes, and reinforcement of relations with international networks.