DeiC eScience Competence Center

The DeiC eScience Competence Center was established in autumn 2014 with the purpose of facilitating access to eScience in Denmark, thus encouraging its use. The ambitions behind the DeiC eScience Competence Center are to make eScience a standard research tool in all academic areas, and simultaneously to promote multidisciplinary research.

The DeiC eScience Competence Center is a crucial national interface, linking the increasingly complex interaction between modern e-infrastructure, and the constantly growing demand from researchers across academic boundaries.

The implementation of digital analysis methods in research (otherwise known as ‘eScience’) is a fundamental toolbox for all researchers. At the same time, it is a precondition for the capacity of the Danish knowledge society to remain competitive at international level and to continue to assure national sustainability in the field of scientific investments.

Use the DeiC eScience Competence Center

The DeiC eScience Competence Center collects knowledge at international level with regard to the utilization of eScience in the various academic disciplines and across universitary boundaries. You are most welcome to contact the Competence Center with any questions and enquiries you may have. For example:

  • We receive enquiries about all perspectives on eScience—for instance, on approaches to using tools, methodological considerations, legal problem issues—and we help to find answers via the Competence Center network.
  • We work together to hold seminars, workshops, courses and the like at your university and at national level as well.
  • We assist in identifying contacts and potential project partners with special knowledge of eScience across academic disciplines.
  • We can mediate technical assistance and contact for the exploitation of data processing and calculations on HPC (High Performance Computing) systems at your local university and at the national facilities that DeiC partners.


Lene Krøl Andersen
eScience Kompetencecenterchef
Tlf.: 3588 8205
Mob.: 4119 0910
Birgitte Vedel Thage
eScience Projectleader
Chiefkonsultant, PhD
Tlf.: 3588 8209
Lise Styve 
eScience Coordinator
Student Assistant
Tlf.: 3588 8209