Find eScience at Your University

The individual universities are currently rolling out eScience and deciding on how to organize services designed to support research in practice. In this context ‘services designed to support research’ is taken to mean access to e-infrastructure (digital tools for collecting, analysing, storing, simulating, modelling, and visualizing data), skills courses in eScience and general guidance intended to help individual researchers make a start on—or continue—utilizing digital tools in their research. We will expand this subject area on an ongoing basis as we build up an overview of the initiatives being implemented in various contexts.

Through this overview, we aim to contribute to making it easier for individual researchers to gain access to the resources they need. Utilization covers a broad scope, and the numerous different areas of research demand a wide variety of IT solutions.

Aalborg University (AAU)

Aarhus University

Copenhagen Business School

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

IT University (ITU)

University of Copenhagen (KU)

Roskilde University (RUC)

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

We also hope that the overview proves useful in providing the individual universities with inspiration as regards finding the models and methods best suited to supporting research. This will ensure appropriate exploitation of the expensive eScience resources, in which the universities are investing considerable sums.

We would greatly appreciate input for this resource collection.