The computer has become our most important tool, and the need for more and more computer power is rising in step with the exponentially increasing volume of data. ‘eScience’ is the term for data-intensive research, and its use is spreading at an almost explosive pace. Denmark has proud traditions of working across boundaries between academic disciplines and institutions, and DeiC is an excellent example of this trait.

DeiC has set up a virtual eScience Competence Center deployed at Denmark’s eight universities. The Competence Center is the only national player that is helping to ensure sustainable and—in particular—catalysed development and integration in Denmark with regard to study programmes, research and industrial application.

This national prioritization of eScience is one of the fundamental preconditions for the Danish knowledge society remaining competitive at international level, while simultaneously assuring national sustainability of scientific investments.

eScience has been important for many research areas in the past, but it will be important for all research areas in the future

– Børge Obel, President of DeiC

Participants in the film:

  • Hans Müller Pedersen, Head of the Research and Innovation Committee
  • Børge Obel, Professor & Head of Center, President of DeiC
  • Professor Brian Vinter, University of Copenhagen

The film is the work of Iben Julie Schmidt from Scientifica film.