About us

A key element of DeiC’s mandate from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation—and of the agreement with the universities’ presidents—is the expectation that the use of eScience will expand to encompass additional research groups. This applies in particular to researchers working in the fields of the humanities, social and health sciences.

While the fields of natural sciences and technology already have strong traditions for using eScience in connection with research projects, there is still room to add other groups in these areas.

It is anticipated that generally speaking, there is appreciable untapped potential for obtaining research results through the use of eScience—at international level as well.

One of the core areas of DeiC is to work consciously to spread the knowledge that exists about eScience nationally and internationally, and to provide assistance to players looking to make a start on eScience projects. DeiC has set up an eScience Competence Center tasked with providing inspiration and guidance about eScience to researchers in partnership with the universities.

The aims of the Competence Center are:

  • To assure partnership with the individual universities with regard to the work of the centre
  • To facilitate knowledge sharing about the use of e-infrastructures and resources in the field of eScience
  • To provide young researchers with offers of eScience training in partnership with the universitie