eScience Portal

The DeiC eScience Competence Center wishes to highlight—and thus boost the accessibility of—Denmark’s eScience resources and competencies for everyone, across borders between universities and academic disciplines. It is this aim we are striving to achieve via this national eScience Knowledge Portal. The portal is operated by the DeiC eScience Competence Center with strong deployment at Denmark’s eight universities and the umbrella organization Digital Humanities Lab (DIGHUMLAB).

The DeiC eScience knowledge portal also serves as a guide for both new and existing eScience researchers, assisting them in identifying relevant opportunities for data processing and calculations on both the national supercomputer facilities and smaller, local installations at the universities.

If you have any eScience news, resources (such as data processing tools), information about activities, etc. that you would like to share in a national forum, you are most welcome to contact the DeiC eScience Competence Center.