The eScience Committee

The primary area of responsibility for the DeiC eScience Committee is to determine which e-infrastructures are necessary to support the spread of eScience at the universities, and how these infrastructures should be built up and organized.

The committee represents the universities and their academic staff, and contributes statements about e-infrastructures in relation to the research that is to be conducted.

The members of the eScience Committee

Josva Kleist (Chairman)
Associate Professor
The School of Natural Science and Health Sciences, AAU
Bente Maegaard
Centre for Language Technology, KU
Brian Vinter
The Niels Bohr Institute, KU
Claudio Pica
IDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science, SDU
Fane Naja Groes
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics, CBS
Henning Christiansen
Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies, RUC
Jakob Grove
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedicine, AU
Jens Chr. Godskesen
Head of Department, Associate Professor
Jeppe Olsen
Department of Chemistry, AU
Lene Krøl Andersen
Head of the eScience Competence Center
Ole Sigmund
Mechanical Engineering, DTU
Sanne Lund Clement
Associate Professor
Institut for Statskundskab, AAU
Steen Pedersen
Head of IT, CEO, DeiC
The committee's secretariat is operated by project manager Helle Meldgaard