eLabs in Denmark

At the Danish universities there are several labs that support and inspire researchers. Labs offers eScience support to knowledge sharing, lending of audio/video equipment and physical frameworks with high technology equipment.

We have collected some of the Labs that may be relevant to you who have eScience as an area of interest/work.

Aalborg University

CALDISS is a digital data and methods laboratory for everyone associated with the Faculty of Social Sciences at AAU. It is is both a physical lab with workstations and hardware as well as a development environment which investigates and experiments with the possibilities provided by digital data, digital methods and software solutions.

Techno-Anthropology Lab at AAU (Campus Copenhagen) offers a practical area where students and researchers develop innovative approaches to the study of science and technology in society.

VILA brings together experts from several research areas at AAU, which works with digital video production and analysis to facilitate knowledge creation and exchange of best practices across research environments working with video data collection, production and analysis - locally and nationally.

Aarhus University

AU Datalab brings together researchers from arts, business and social sciences and computer science. The lab is a research and teaching environment for researchers interested in large and small digital data themes as well as the associated digital and physical facilities.

HatchIT Lab is committed to strengthening the overall environment within the Danish IT entrepreneurial industry by supporting this growth layer for potential start-ups.

ORBIT Lab wishes to build knowledge so that the students always meet the latest in VR, AR, mobile and IoT, this knowledge allows students to take on after studying when to work with and possibly. start up your own business.

Technical University of Denmark

Cognitive Science and Technology Lab is part of Cognitive Systems at DTU. The lab is used to study human cognition through behavioral experiments, EEG and mathematical modeling.

DTU Media Lab provides technical equipment and hands-on workshops focusing on e-learning, television studio, post-production, augmented reality, virtual reality and so much more.

PowerLabDK supports technology development, testing, training and demonstration that contribute to the development of a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy system based on renewable energy sources.

DTU SkyLab focuses on enabling student innovation and entrepreneurship through our three focus areas; student innovation, business collaboration and academy.

IT University of Copenhagen

Ethos at the IT University in Copenhagen is an experimental space that creates value with IT by exploring data and data base in modern society.

University of Copenhagen

Digital Social Science Lab is an intelligent space for education and events focusing on digital tools in social sciences.

Experience Lab is a research facility that is used to conduct experiments where human interaction with preferably IT and other media is observed.

Roskilde University

Experience Lab is an experimental laboratory for research in intelligent technologies, immersive experiences and complex knowledge forms.

University of Southern Denmark

Knowledge Lab has a number of competencies that they have acquired through thorough research and project work across Denmark with many different collaborators.

SDU eLab is established by the Department of Language and Communication in order to provide technological solutions for the department's employees. eLab consists of respectively a lending department and a research laboratory.

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