Research Projects and Networks

A range of research projects already utilize digitally based research methods. Here, it is possible to access various tools and gain insight into how the projects use digital solutions. More and more research networks are also being set up, uniting academic interests with a view to promoting, supporting and providing access to resources in the exploitation of digital opportunities. Examples include:

Research Projects: 

Danish Elixir Node

The purpose of the Danish ELIXIR node is to provide a comprehensive ELIXIR Tools and Data Services Registry, with focus on discovery and integration of databases and tools.


Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Digital Footprints

Digital footprints focuses on data that users share, display and exchange when they communicate digitally.




Deep understanding of our social networks may help solve important societal problems such as how to prevent social inequality and how to prepare society to adjust to people’s behaviour in real time.


Formal Sciences

Social Fabric

The project is intended to map complete social networks across various forms of communication for a class of first-year students, using smartphones as measuring instruments—known as ‘sociometers’.


Computational Social Science
Research Network: 


The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives provides large-scale, integrated and sustainable data service in the field of the social sciences.

Social Science


The vision is to build a toolbox for humanistic researchers by establishing a number of resources and tools in a digital research environment placed at the disposal of researchers working in the field of the humanities.

Digital Humanities


The Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities aims to enhance and support digitally enabled research and teaching across the humanities and arts.

Arts and Humanties

Digital humanities in the Nordic region

The objective of this association is to reinforce research, education and communication in the digital humanities in the Nordic countries.

Digital Humanities


The Digital Humanities Lab is a national research infrastructure centred on the development, integration and promotion of digital resources, networks, tools and opportunities for Danish researchers.

Humanities and Social Sciences


The European Association for Digital Humamnities brings together and represents the digital humanities in Europe across the entire spectrum of disciplines that research, develop and apply digital humanities methods and technology.

Digital Humanities and Arts